Thursday, February 3, 2011

review and tour: deadly heat by cynthia eden

Eventually Cynthia Eden’s Deadly Fear sucked me in; it was a slow start, but the murder mystery was intriguing. The second book in the series also suffers from the slow start, but Deadly Heat never hooked me. The main reason is that I never cared about the characters. Although Agent Monica Davenport from the first book makes an appearance, the focus is on a firefighter named Lora Spade and FBI agent Kenton Lake, who hook up frequently throughout the novel. While I expect a romantic coupling in a romantic suspense, this one didn’t work. Lora is repeatedly said to not be over the loss of her lover, another firefighter, who died in one of the serial arson fires Kenton has been brought in to investigate. Given her grief, I felt Lora fell too quickly into bed with Kenton; an explanation would’ve greatly helped me understand how she moved on so fast. Furthermore, there were far too many indistinguishable characters; when all are involved in law enforcement or firefighting, something needs to make a few stand out. By the time the arsonist was revealed, I couldn’t remember who he was or the interactions he’d previously had with Lora and Kenton. Nothing is more frustrating than having to go back to the beginning of the book to read about an unremarkable character all over again.
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