Sunday, January 27, 2019

review: one taste too many by debra h. goldstein

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Sarah Blair is starting over at 28 after divorcing her wealthy husband, who happens to be an owner of the restaurant her twin, Emily, works for. Debra H. Goldstein's new cozy mystery series opens with Emily informing Sarah that her ex is dead and the police suspect Emily. With the police focusing their attention on Emily, the twins launch their own investigation and uncover numerous lies and a bit of a conspiracy.

As with some first books in a series, One Taste Too Many introduces a lot of characters. The leads are memorable and fleshed out (especially in regards to those who interacted with RahRah, the cat), but the secondary characters who work at the restaurant are one-dimensional and forgettable—I had to flip back in the book to figure out who someone was when plot developments involving those characters occurred. The mystery unfolded well though with some pretty great twists and plenty of entertaining moments with both Sarah's cat and her kitchen blunders.
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