Thursday, February 24, 2011

review: a light at winter's end by julia london

While I didn’t care for Wyatt Clark when he was first introduced in Summer of Two Wishes, Julia London redeems him in A Light at Winter’s End. Wyatt is minding his own business with a fairly solitary life on his ranch when his attention is grabbed by the incredibly smoky fire started by Holly, who has returned to her childhood home after a great life upheaval. Though Holly and Wyatt aren’t interested in each other at first, Wyatt (who shares a daughter with Macy from the first book) soon becomes a friend as Holly struggles to raise her sister’s young son, who was unceremoniously abandoned when Hannah’s prescription drug abuse spiraled out of control.

A Light at Winter’s End inspires both tremendous joy and absolute heartbreak. Just as Holly becomes comfortable with her life with Mason while also forging a new relationship with Wyatt, her happiness is threatened by the reappearance of Mason’s parents. This excellently crafted novel contains well-developed characters (the scenes from their youth made it easy to understand how Holly and Hannah became who they are) and a highly emotional plot.
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