Friday, February 11, 2011

review: skipping a beat by sarah pekkanen

With Skipping a Beat Sarah Pekkanen succeeded in turning me into a crying mess. This is the story of a couple who escaped their somewhat messy lives in West Virginia and made it big in DC. Although they were both somewhat content with what they'd made in DC, something was missing. Neither was going to change; that is until Michael had a heart attack and was technically dead for a few minutes. Upon his revival, Michael gives up the company he created and all his wealth, then asks Julia to please give him three weeks before she leaves him.

Although the first sentence revealed the tragedy that would come, I somehow put it out of my mind as I continued to read. I convinced myself that the second death would be symbolic. But then came chapter 36, which broke my heart. Pekkanen’s skilled writing created such a connection to the characters that I truly felt for Julia. Her grief became mine.

I loved every page of Skipping a Beat: the romance of teens who went by Mike and Julie back then, the evolution to Michael and Julia, the innocence of Noah and Bear, and the subplot with Isabelle (who could probably have her own book).
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