Thursday, February 17, 2011

review: the secret lives of dresses by erin mckean

Imagine purchasing a vintage dress and learning that it has a very intriguing story that goes with it. That’s part of the premise of The Secret Lives of Dresses, the touching debut novel from blogger Erin McKean.

Orphaned as a baby and raised by her beloved grandma, Dora is a little lost. She will soon graduate from college without any real plan except to go to grad school so she can hang around her boss at the coffee shop a little longer. Dora likes Gary, but he won’t date undergrads; she isn’t even entirely sure how he feels about her because he flirts with just about everyone. Grandma Mimi has always encouraged Dora, but Dora just flounders. This story in itself is interesting enough, but The Secret Lives of Dresses really takes off when Erin McKean brings in the stories of the dresses (which started on her blog). Dora had no idea her grandma had written any stories until a woman bought a dress and queried. Through the stories and a comical cast of characters, Dora discovers her true calling and finds she just might be able to live up to all of Mimi’s dreams for her after all.
ARC Review
Review copy provided by the publisher, 5 Spot.

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  1. I thought this had a cute premise, glad it was worth the read!