Thursday, August 5, 2010

review and tour: deadly fear by cynthia eden

Cynthia Eden’s new romantic suspense series begins with two sexually, but not really romantically, involved FBI agents trying to track down a serial killer in the normally quiet town of Jasper, TX. This killer is particularly cruel as he stalks his victims until discovering their biggest fear and then uses that information to torture and kill them.

Deadly Fear’s serial killer plot kept me on edge, but I did have a few grips with the story. I was willing to buy Monica as an agent as it made for good drama (her past makes it somewhat suspect), but there were various details the author should have been able to easily check for accuracy, such as having the Romeo Killer throw Mary Jane into the backseat of his Corvette. Such things are forgivable, but distracting. My biggest complaint was how long it took for me to really become invested in the book. For the first 100 or so pages, Agents Monica Davenport and Luke Dante spent far too much time pursuing sex with each other than doing what they were in town to do—finding the killer. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the hunt for the killer who ends up being dubbed “The Watchman.” As his character became more fleshed out, I tried to connect him to someone who had already come on scene. Since the killer likes to play games, it was entertaining to play my own trying to guess who he was.
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  1. I read romantic-suspense for the 'who did it' factor, too. Sounds engaging.