Sunday, February 6, 2011

review: clinton st. baking company cookbook by dede lahman and neil kleinberg

I love baking, but rarely make any breakfast-type foods, which means I bring my coworkers things like cupcakes before the sun rises (yes, unfortunately I work the early morning show on weekends); so they were probably just as thrilled as me that the subtitle to the Clinton St. Baking Company’s cookbook is “Breakfast, Brunch, and Beyond.” There are plenty of delicious and morning-appropriate recipes here, though I admit I won’t be making anything from the eggs section (I only eat eggs when they’re found in things like cake). Among the easy-to-follow recipes are some standards for hash browns, waffles, and the like; my interest was in the ones that seem a little more special such as Cherry Crumb Muffins (and its variations). I did find the recipe yielded two fewer muffins than listed; however, that tends to be the case with me as I like my muffins a little bigger and the 10 may have been a typo because within the recipe it calls for only 8 cherries being reserved to top the muffins. Regardless, the muffins were delicious and required little work.
Crumb Mix Prep: Batter: Before the Oven: Cherry Crumb Muffin:
The section on muffins and scones is particularly useful because of the tips (throughout the recipes are helpful tips and suggested variations) that start it off. For example, the authors say that it’s better to use frozen fruit because of how it will suspend in the batter. I used frozen cherries for my muffins, and though I haven’t made them with fresh cherries to compare, I found that the cherries did stay in place quite well.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Little, Brown and Company.

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