Monday, January 31, 2011

review: the debutante by kathleen tessaro

When Cate finds a shoebox hidden away in the house whose contents she’s supposed to being valuing for her aunt’s auction house, she should list it with all the other items found; instead, she keeps it for herself. Cate is enthralled by the story of the Blythe sisters, particularly “Baby,” who mysteriously disappeared. Like Cate, I became very caught up in what had happened to Baby; I actually preferred that story to the one of Cate and her messed up love life. I loved putting together Baby’s story through the pieces of the story that Cate discovered and the letters that appeared throughout The Debutante. And yet, the letters threw me off a bit. I kept thinking that Cate was reading the letters, so I frequently wondered what was going on when Cate didn’t know something a letter had revealed. Although I had little interest in any kind of romantic storyline for Cate, I enjoyed Cate’s pursuit of the mystery and the romantic entanglements of the Blythe sisters.
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