Sunday, May 4, 2014

review: president me by adam carolla

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In President Me, comedian Adam Carolla takes on America. Prompted by fans saying he should run for president, Carolla has laid out his campaign platform in this book. Carolla seems to have given a lot of thought to his presidency (perhaps more than some who run for office) and addresses many hot topics with his brand of hilarity. Carolla gives his opinions on airport security (which he deals with more than most people), the department of education, and the minimum wage among others. My favorite part has to his new terror chart for Homeland Security. No more confusing colors; we’ll now use the Baldwin brothers with Daniel meaning a threat is imminent and William meaning nothing noteworthy. Even though his opinions cause uproar, Carolla doesn’t back down in President Me. He advocates for showing identification to vote and making buffets illegal for anyone weighing over 200lbs who also makes less than $35,000/year. You may not agree with Carolla on all (or any) of his ideas, but President Me is a quick, entertaining read that should at least get you laughing when he shares personal anecdotes like his wife not fixing her car paint scratch until Nils Lofgren was going to see it.
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