Thursday, May 22, 2014

review: love and other foreign words by erin mccahan

Love and Other Foreign Words follows uber-smart high school student Josie who is so smart she’s enrolled in college classes as a sophomore. Josie is well-versed in translating language, not just the Spanish and French that she studies in school, but other “languages” like teenage girl; love, though, is not one of those languages. When Josie’s older sister introduces her fiancé, Josie cannot understand the attraction and immediately sets about splitting up the pair. Meanwhile, Josie is working on her own first love story.

Josie is definitely the sort I would’ve wanted to hang out with back in high school. She gets things wrong, but her heart is in the right place. The friendships and family dynamics are great with a diverse group of personalities. It was also fantastic to see a young adult novel with parents who guide Josie without being overbearing. And because of that, the message of Love and Other Foreign Words comes through beautifully.
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