Tuesday, May 6, 2014

review: beyond belief by helen smith

Beyond Belief continues the story of amateur sleuth Emily Castles though the novel works fairly well as a standalone. This time around Emily is enlisted to solve a crime before the crime even happens. You see, a physic convention is being held in Torquay and there's a prediction that someone will drown. A number of people are warned to stay away from the water, but of course, few heed the warning.

As with Invitation to Die, there are a large number of characters who get introduced in rapid succession. Some do little more than add a bit of humor while others play a pivotal role in the murder mystery. Unlike with Invitation to Die, it takes a long time for anyone to actually die causing the first half of Beyond Belief to drag. Once the story actually gets going, Beyond Belief becomes quite interesting with Emily herself becoming a target for the killer.
Review copy from Amazon Vine.

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