Thursday, May 29, 2014

review: cure for the common breakup by beth kendrick

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After an air disaster lands flight attendant Summer Benson in the hospital, her pilot boyfriend breaks up with her! She soon checks herself out of the hospital and heads to Black Dog Bay, DE which has been dubbed “the best place in America to bounce back from your breakup.” The entire town is into the theme with business names like Retail Therapy (clothing boutique), The Whinery (bar), and the Jilted CafĂ©. Summer is immediately welcomed by the residents with the exception of a notable few, such as the gorgeous, unattached mayor whose roses she mows down while swerving to avoid a turtle. That scene sets the stage for the hilarity that will surround Summer as she recovers in Black Dog Bay, a town that is so fun I hope it really exists somewhere.

All of the characters in Cure for the Common Breakup are outstanding, but I seriously want Summer to be my best friend. Especially after she told town curmudgeon Hattie and her estranged sister Pauline, “This is like the plot of a Sweet Valley High novel.” I was thinking the same thing. Summer has her flaws and sometimes overreacts (that’s how she ended up in Delaware in the first place), but she’s also got a fantastic mix of snark and spunk that makes her worthy of a book of her own (Summer was previously introduced in The Week Before the Wedding).
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