Tuesday, May 27, 2014

review: one flight up by susan fales-hill

India, Esme, Abby, and Monique went to Silby together although Monique was not part of the group due to her hostility toward India, who is biracial. Race plays an important role in One Flight Up though the focus is on relationships and infidelity. Fittingly, India is a divorce lawyer and the only group member who isn’t married though she is in a serious relationship with a Frenchman. Or at least it was serious until Monique reintroduced India’s ex-fiancĂ© to her life. India split from Keith when he cheated on her, but now that he’s marrying someone else she can’t help but remember what a great lover he was. This is where One Flight Up derailed. It was easy to understand the motives behind everyone else’s infidelity, but the intelligent and rational India wound up falling for Keith’s lies even though he proved himself to be a jerk many times over.
3/5 Review copy provided by the publisher, Washington Square Press.

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