Saturday, May 31, 2014

review: multiple exposure by ellen crosby

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Multiple Exposure opens with photojournalist Sophie returning to her London home from an assignment in Iraq.  She is horrified to find blood and signs of a struggle.  Her husband, an operations officer with the CIA, is missing.  Sophie believes Nick was abducted, but others believe Nick’s on the lam after killing the boss of an oil company with interests in Russia.  Sophie doesn’t believe Nick’s a murderer, but eventually she leaves London for Washington, D.C. where she takes a job as a photographer with a private company that gets hired to work an event displaying Faberge eggs.  That’s where Sophie overhears an assassination plot.

The first book in Ellen Crosby’s new Sophie Medina series is full of intrigue, but the separate plots mean Sophie has a little too much going on given her amateur sleuth status.  Even so, Sophie was believable in her ability to piece so much together due to her tenacity and the skills she developed while working in warzones.  The pacing of the story was excellent until the end when everything wrapped up very quickly.  It was a less than satisfying ending to a story that had all the key elements of a great political suspense novel.
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