Friday, May 23, 2014

review: the here and now by ann brashares

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After a plague devastates her time, Prenna, her mother, and a number of others time travel back to 2010. Now in 2014, Prenna is a high school student who likes to push the rules set by the community of time travelers. For reasons that aren’t initially explained, Prenna’s father didn’t come with the group and that makes her a bit of an outcast. The community leaders come down on her, which only causes her to question their motives even more, especially after an encounter with a homeless man who seems to know a lot about her circumstances. The man insists she must stop a murder that occurs in a few days. Of course, Prenna needs help to do that and that’s where Ethan comes in. Ethan also knows more about Prenna than he should and soon the two are working together to stop the foretold murder and change the course of history. The Here and Now is a quick, engaging read with a thought-provoking plot though the ending is predictable.
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