Sunday, January 23, 2011

author interview: jill myles

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I love The Succubus Diaries series from Jill Myles. So how excited was I when she agreed to answer some questions!!

What inspired you to write The Succubus Diaries? Did you intend to make it a series?

I'd written a few books in varying genres before writing GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI but nothing was clicking. I wanted to write something modern, sexy and fun. I'd had an idea to write something with fallen angels but it wasn't clicking, and I couldn't figure out why. I was at lunch with my sister and she was talking about a vampire book she'd read and made a comment about the vampire being blood starved. I then cracked a joke about it also being sex starved, and BOOM. The idea for a succubus that had to have sex to 'feed' sort of landed in my head. It took me a little bit longer to figure out what a succubus would be doing with vampires and angels, but once it all came together, it was like everything in my head just clicked at once. :) That was a good day!

Of all the vampire and fallen angel books I’ve read (quite a few!), yours stand out for a number of reasons including being both sexy and funny. How much research went into the mythology before you created your succubus, vampire, and fallen angel characters?

I'd done some research on fallen angels (I've always had a thing for angels and the Book of Enoch) and knew the basics about vampires and succubi. More research into succubi was intimidating, though - it wasn't the direction I wanted to take my characters. I ended up creating my own mythology and just running with it and I've been really happy with the results. As for being funny...well, I am rarely, rarely serious in person! So it made sense to tell a slightly off-beat sort of story. :)

Delilah is one of my favorite characters. Any chance that she’ll get a “Delilah’s Tale” short story the way Zane did?

The 'tales' that I've done so far came up because I had a scene that I wanted to 'tell' but couldn't because the stories are written in Jackie's very specific POV. Foreplay was Jackie's POV as well, but it was something she'd forgotten so I couldn't exactly have her share it! But there will be more 'tales' coming this year, I think. I have Noah's brewing in my head and have more up my sleeve. Nothing for Delilah yet, but never say never! I know her origins but I'm not sure if it's a fully fleshed short story yet. :)

What book (your own or someone else’s) has had the most impact on your life?

Oh jeez. That is a tough one! I'd guess I'd have to say Bulfinch's Mythology. I was mythology obsessed as a child. Still am, years and years later. It opened up a really fascinating world with new rules.

What’s up next for you?

I'm currently working on edits for my next book! It's not in the Succubus Diaries but is a new series that stars a human woman that works at a paranormal dating agency and gets mixed up with one of the clients.

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