Tuesday, January 4, 2011

review: bright young things by anna godbersen

While the idea of the new series by Anna Godbersen intrigued me, I wasn’t that impressed by the storyline put forth in Bright Young Things. It definitely started slow, which caused my interest to be delayed. Once that happens, I frequently find it hard to get into a book. Once Cordelia and Letty finally left their small town for New York, things picked up a little as the adventure started. But then Cordelia revealed that she wasn’t there solely to help Letty with her dreams of a becoming a famous singer; no, Cordelia is there to find her father. This causes a fight, which results in the girls going their separate ways. I found the fight to be a bit contrived; certainly Letty would’ve suspected that her best friend had a reason of her own (other than a forced marriage back in Ohio) for making the trip. After the separation there were quite a few more contrivances with both girls immediately finding their way without the slightest bit of a struggle. Overall, it’s a decent read that did entertain, but I’m undecided as to whether I’ll pick up the sequel.
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