Sunday, January 23, 2011

review: my fair succubi by jill myles

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Before Jackie was turned into a sexpot succubus by fallen angel Noah and vampire Zane, she was fairly plain. She had plenty else going for her, but what would make two immortals she’d never met want to turn her? Jackie hasn’t had time to contemplate that question as the first two books of The Succubus Diaries series have given her plenty else to focus on—most pressing has been her own survival after having been kidnapped and tortured. Jackie turned the tables on her kidnapper, but now she must face the consequences of those actions as she and Noah are forced to appear before the Serim Council, who want her dead. There are some tense moments before Jackie escapes (after making a deal with a serim…doesn’t she ever learn?), but in doing so, she stumbles upon an ancient painting of someone who looks exactly as she did before she was turned. Now Jackie pursues to answer to who is in that painting along with a new task put upon her by the serim.

Although Jackie was firmly entrenched with Noah at the start of My Fair Succubi, the mission she embarks upon for the serim leads her right to Zane. After so much time apart, these two have an incredibly hot reunion. Once again Jill Myles makes sure to pack the book with sex at every turn. And while Jackie shows how deeply she cares for both Noah and Zane, she also keeps up the comedy and the fun teasing of her two immortal lovers. Fans of the series will not be disappointed.
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