Friday, January 28, 2011

review and tour: how sweet it is by sophie gunn

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The male and female protagonists of How Sweet It Is are both dealing with some weighty issues, but Sophie Gunn keeps things fairly light . Lizzie, a waitress, is the mother of a 14 year old who has never met her father. Tay, who has just arrived in town, is haunted by the fact that a car accident he caused took the life of a woman with a college-aged daughter. Tay tries to make things right for the young woman by offering her all the money he has in the world. But Candy doesn’t want the money, so she throws it off a bridge. When Tay finds out, he stays in town to look for the money and ends up finding love with Lizzie, who had sworn off men.

Despite Tay’s trauma and Lizzie’s hurt, their romance is pretty cute. How Sweet It Is does get a little bogged down with some of the subplots (Lizzie’s sister’s jealousy, Lizzie’s daughter’s sudden embrace of a father who fled) and I could’ve used some explanations up front (it takes far too long to find out why the paternal grandparents aren’t helping), but those things don’t detract too much from the sweetness of these two unlikely people finding love.
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