Wednesday, May 12, 2010

review: wicked becomes you by meredith duran

While in Paris, Alex thinks regarding Gwen, “You think what you’ve done is wicked? It was child’s play, sweetheart. This is not freedom. This is simply the sort of lark available to a woman with three million pounds.” My thoughts on Gwen were similar. With a title like Wicked Become You, I kept waiting for Gwen to do something wicked. Apparently for her, wicked means giving into lust and being with a man you have feelings for rather than marrying one deemed appropriate but who really only wants your money. You see, Gwen was twice supposed to marry men who were after her money though each time something or someone intervened (Gwen doesn’t find out the reasons why until the end of the book). The last time was particularly devastating since they actually made it to the vows. Before the debacle Gwen had given her fiancé her deceased brother’s ring, so now she wants it back. This starts her off on her supposedly wicked adventure that leads to Gwen finally finding love with a man she’s known her entire life—her deceased brother’s best friend.

Wicked Becomes You has nearly every necessary element to make a fantastic romance; unfortunately, it lacks that something that sucks the reader in making it impossible to put the book down. The pacing was a little slow for my liking and I never really connected with Gwen. She really was just an heiress escaping the gossip by pretending to have some great adventure. I was disappointed that she never really got wicked.
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