Saturday, May 29, 2010

review and tour: the devlin diary by christi phillips

There are two stories inside The Devlin Diary: Hannah, a widow practicing physick, in 1672 and Claire, a visiting professor at Trinity College, in 2008. The stories come together when Claire finds Hannah’s coded diary in the library. Unfortunately, Claire trusts the wrong person with that information and he steals her research idea. But then he ends up murdered, so to solve the murder and get back the diary, Claire works with the man who recommended her for the job. Both of the stories are incredibly interesting with their respective murder mysteries, but Hannah’s is fleshed out the best. Both also kept me guessing as to who the murderer would be, but again Hannah’s has a far better resolution. In fact, the reveal of the murderer in the 2008 story was quite disappointing.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Gallery Books.

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