Monday, May 10, 2010

review: indivisible by kristen heitzmann

This one gets a bit gruesome, particularly if you’re an animal lover, but Kristen Heitzmann does a fantastic job weaving together the dark mystery of Indivisible. The focus is on the chief of police, a recovering alcoholic, who has a few secrets—one about his father, another regarding a past love. In the course of his police work, Jonah comes across some mutilated animals while also investigating meth manufacturing in the small town. The other characters and plots all get tied together in one way or another; I loved the way Jonah was kept at the center even though he was only associated with some characters (Piper, for example) by his relationship with someone else. In a town where everyone thinks they know each other’s business, there are quite a few secrets. Heitzmann’s slow reveal of each secret took me on an enjoyable trip of trying to piece it all together.
Review copy provided by the publisher, WaterBrook Press.

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