Thursday, May 6, 2010

review: freefall by ariela anhalt

Ariela Anhalt’s debut makes use of a clichéd plot. Two high school boys (one a newcomer, of course) are rivals both on the fencing team and for the love of a girl named Nicole. Add in the initiation ritual that leaves one boy dead and the other accused of murder and you've got the typical cheesy made-for-TV movie. Anhalt even throws in some drug abuse for good measure. I will give Ahhalt credit for good exposition and pacing, but the dialogue is atrocious. I don't for one second believe Luke's bank manager mother would speak as she does. Luke's favorite phrase is "I don't know." While that may be how a high school student would answer questions about a death he witnessed, it comes across as lazy writing that does nothing to move the plot forward.
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