Thursday, May 20, 2010

review and tour: prospect park west by amy sohn

I enjoyed Prospect Park West, but these women were absolutely crazy! Each of the four has some sort of issue with both husband and child. Rebecca is jealous of the attention her husband pays to their daughter, especially since he no longer shows interest in her sexually. Rebecca seeks sexual gratification in a variety of ways--there's a kiss with a woman and sex with another woman's husband. Rebecca's sort of friend Lizzie finds it difficult caring for her son alone when her musician husband is always on the road. Her husband encourages her to rely on his mom for help, but Lizzie is uncomfortable with her mother-in-law given the racial tension between the two--Lizzie is white, her husband is black. Then there's Karen who desperately wants to two things: to live in Rebecca's building and conceive a second child. Unfortunately, her husband isn't quite on board with either idea. Rounding out the unhappy group is celebrity Melora, who doesn't really like the child she adopted, has a rocky marriage, and is developing quite the problem with prescription pills. All four are connected in some way or another which makes the separate stories flow nicely. I enjoyed Rebecca's story the most (I could probably read a book that focused solely on her) while finding Karen the least interesting of the group (Karen was an unsympathetic social-climber).
Review copy provided by the publisher, Downtown Press.

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