Thursday, May 6, 2010

review: the opposite of me by sarah pekkanen

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Since my days of reading Sweet Valley books, I’ve loved the idea of twins and their differences. The Opposite of Me brings the tale of fraternal twins Lindsey and Alex from Lindsey’s perspective. Lindsey has always been the smart one while Alex is the drop-dead gorgeous one. An unfortunate turn at work finds Lindsey moving back home where she must again deal with Alex head-on. At the center of The Opposite of Me is a very interesting question: Are we who we are because of what we’ve been told about ourselves and who the others around us are? Lindsey always believed she was the smart one and pursued it to set herself apart from her twin who Lindsey felt was the pretty one. But is any of that true?

I absolutely fell in love with Lindsey; I related to her so much, especially at the beginning when she was still in her full-on pursuit of a promotion. The relationship between Lindsey and Alex was very realistic and the parents were well done too. I enjoyed every page. Although it’s a small part of the book since Lindsey is the focus, I loved the little bits about Alex’s work in television. Before it was over, I cried for Lindsey, then I cried for Alex, then I rejoiced when each twin found her own happiness. It’s a stunning debut; I’ll be looking out for Sarah Pekkanen’s next book.
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