Thursday, January 14, 2010

review: tamed by a laird by amanda scott

Tamed By a Laird is the first book in Amanda Scott’s new Scottish romance trilogy. The first book focuses on Janet “Jenny” Easdale, an orphan taken in by her uncle (by marriage). As her father's only child, Jenny has inherited all the land as well as the title. Unfortunately, due to the scheming of her uncle’s second wife, Jenny stands to lose control of her property now that she’s betrothed to the younger brother of said second wife. On the night of the betrothal party, Jenny decides to take off with the minstrels who performed. Although her life now lacks the amenities of her castle residence, Jenny’s never had a better time. But then two things happen: the brother of the man she’s to marry shows up to retrieve her and she discovers a conspiracy against the Lord of Galloway. As Jenny tells Hugh, she has “stumbled onto some sort of intrigue.” And not only is there intrigue, there’s a new romance for Jenny too.

The romance part of the plot is quite predictable. Of course, Jenny doesn’t like the man she’s supposed to marry, so there has to be some other man for her to be with. That man just happens to be the brother of the one she’s supposed to marry; the one who swore he’d never marry again after his wife and daughter died. The conspiracy and Jenny’s life with the minstrels are what make Tamed By a Laird interesting. I also appreciated that Jenny constantly asserted herself at a time when women were expected to go along with whatever the male in their life wanted.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Forever.

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