Wednesday, January 20, 2010

review and tour: knit, purl, die by anne canadeo

The Black Sheep Knitters are back again in Knit, Purl, Die to solve another crime; this time their friend Gloria has drowned in her own pool while her husband was away. It’s initially believed to be an accident, but the Knitters are suspicious and do some digging after the police close the case. That’s when they discover Gloria had a few secrets.

This is a quick read, though the mystery itself takes a while to get to. Although there are five knitters (a background for each is given at the beginning of the book), it’s really only Lucy and Suzanne who are focused on. I felt the ensemble needed more development since I needed to reference their bios a few times. The whodunit portion of Knit, Purl, Die was well done and kept me second-guessing the killer throughout; however, the ladies simply summarized the revelation instead of being in on the action which was a disappointment.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Pocket Books.

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