Monday, January 18, 2010

review and tour: veracity by laura bynum

In 2012, the government announced the arrival of the Pandemic. In order to fight it, people's actions were restricted. Under the guise that they could carry the germ, books were burned. Soon there was only one TV station left out of the previous 99. That station reported that people should get the supposed vaccine that had been developed. Anyone the government believed would cause problems or deemed too old was killed by the "vaccine" while the others had a slate implanted in their necks. The slate recorded every word spoken and writing on anything other than the government-issued tablet was forbidden as the government had banned the use of certain words--a list that constantly received additions. Many people mindlessly went along with the rules, took the prescribed antidepressants, and frequented the government-sanctioned prostitutes; but some formed the Resistance. In 2045, they've figured out how to deactivate their slates and have a number of banned books, including the most important of them all--The Book of Noah.

Veracity was truly a great read with an exciting plot, though it is quite violent at times. Initially, I had some difficulty with the flashbacks, but I adjusted quickly and started to appreciate how the author would reference something in 2045 then provide the details in a flashback chapter. I was quite pleased that although I was able to figure out who had betrayed the Resistance, the truth about The Book of Noah came as a surprise.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Pocket Books.

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