Wednesday, January 27, 2010

review and tour: a highlander's destiny by melissa mayhue

A Highlander’s Destiny, the fifth in Melissa Mayhue’s Highlander series, begins slowly by introducing the three components of the story: Adira, who has kidnapped Leah in order to drink her blood, which will keep Adira young; Destiny, who wants desperately to find her sister Leah; and Jesse, who Destiny contacts to help locate her sister. The pace soon picks up so that the pursuit is quite intense by the end. Although the most basic element of the story is everyone’s connection to the Faerie world, the magical elements are rare; there’s a lot of focus on Destiny and Jesse’s budding relationship and why each is hesitant to pursue it.

Since this is a romance, I expected Jesse and Destiny to connect; but I was disappointed at how quickly Destiny fell into bed with Jesse. Thankfully Destiny redeemed herself by refusing to sit around helpless while the men tried to rescue her sister. In fact, Destiny does a better job at finding and rescuing Leah than the men. I wish Destiny and Leah would’ve had a little more time at the end to discuss the revelation about their family tree before A Highlander’s Destiny wrapped up.
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