Friday, January 22, 2010

review and tour: a black tie affair by sherrill bodine

In their younger days, Athena and Drew were good friends with a bit of romance between them. Unfortunately they were a little too young for things to work out then; now the relationship is even more strained since Drew cast the deciding vote to fire Athena’s father from the business owned by Drew’s family. The two are forced to work together when the priceless gowns Athena wants for her museum exhibit are stolen from Drew’s family shortly after Athena is sickened by a toxin coating the dresses. The tense relationship is somewhat eased by the fact that both succumb to the toxin on the dresses—a toxin that is said to act like truth serum but seems to act more like a love serum.

This is one of the few times where even though A Black Tie Affair had a satisfactory conclusion (in regards to the romance, that is), I’d really like to read a sequel. That the mystery is dropped once the dresses are retrieved was frustrating (I need to know whodunit!), but the search for them was enjoyable. I thoroughly enjoyed Athena’s reactions to how the dresses were treated by their new owners who wanted to dance around or cook in their newly purchased exquisite gowns.
Review copy provided by publisher, Forever.

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