Friday, November 17, 2017

review: shattered memories by v.c. andrews

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Oh dear, ghostwriter, why didn't you just leave the Fitzgerald twins be? If The Mirror Sisters is a drawn out a backstory for Broken Glass, Shattered Memories is one ridiculously long epilogue. Two months after being rescued, Kaylee is in therapy while Haylee has been institutionalized (though prison would be a far better place for her). With senior year to finish, it's decided that Kaylee will start at a private boarding school where she pretends to be an only child. And then she lives a normal high school existence. Seriously. Page after page is Kaylee getting to know her new classmates though she reflects on what happened to her constantly. The ghostwriter still has not learned "show, don't tell." He also attempts to be hip by changing up clichés, like having Kaylee's new boyfriend say, "I don't want to sound like a broken CD, but there's something about you that's different." First off, CDs don't break in the same way records do. And second, what high school kid would say that? I'd be willing to bet that most are unfamiliar with CDs, but actually know what a record is due to the resurgence of vinyl. Anyway, eventually Shattered Memories does provide an interesting end to the story of the Fitzgerald twins, but it shouldn't have taken 400 pages to get there.
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