Sunday, November 19, 2017

review: infinite days rebecca maizel

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Lenah Beaudonte is one of the most ruthless vampires in England in 1910. On Halloween night, the vampire who turned Lenah agrees to fulfill the 592 year old vampire's wish to be human again--but only after she hibernates for 100 years. When he awakens Lenah in 2010, Rhodes reveals that he will soon die as a result of turning her human, that he's enrolled her at boarding school, and that the vampires of her former coven will be coming after her. Lenah mourns the loss of Rhodes, but quickly forgets his warning about the coven as she dives into high school life. Rebecca Maizel makes some nods to Lenah's intellect gained from centuries of experience and her confusion over modern things like CDs, but mostly has Lenah fit right in with her classmates. Her great beauty (of course) quickly attracts the attention of two boys, but there's barely a triangle in Infinite Days as Lenah thinks of Tony only as a friend. It is Justin who has Lenah's eye. Most of their story plays out as a typical high school romance, but complications arise when Lenah confesses she used to be a vampire (Justin doesn't believe her) and then the coven finally finds her. The romance with Justin is bland, but Maizel does a great job of incorporating Lenah's backstory from her vampire days. There's also an excellent twist toward the end.
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