Monday, February 6, 2017

review: broken glass by v.c. andrews

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After the huge backstory dump that made up The Mirror Sisters, Broken Glass finally gets to the action. Broken Glass begins where The Mirror Sisters had left off--Kaylee has been kidnapped after being set up by her identical twin, Haylee. Haylee tells their parents, the cops, and anyone else who wants to know that Kaylee willingly ran off with an older man she met online; Haylee pretends to be terribly broken up about her sister being missing. Kaylee, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to stay alive. The man who took her is delusional and believes Kaylee is to be his bride. Kaylee wisely goes along with his delusions as best she can as she investigates her surroundings to hatch an escape plan. Haylee's part of the story consists of much the same fake wailing over Kaylee repeatedly, but Kaylee's parts actually have some action and forward-movement that make the story entertaining.
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