Tuesday, November 8, 2016

review: the mirror sisters by v.c. andrews

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Wow, the backstory dump that is The Mirror Sisters is pretty remarkable—how many other authors can claim to have written a 355 page novel that doesn’t really begin until about 300 pages in? During those first 300 pages, the V.C. Andrews ghostwriter details the many ways in which Haylee torments her identical twin, Kaylee. Haylee is a master at covering her bad deeds and Kaylee never tells on her either because their mother insists that the twins are perfect and very, very special. The mother has what it takes to be a true V.C. Andrews villain, but her power is taken away by the author’s choice to have Kaylee tell so much of the story via reflections on the past. The Mirror Sisters serves only as a set up for Broken Glass, which will pick up the story on the same night that The Mirror Sisters ends with Haylee’s plot finally in full swing.
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