Wednesday, November 29, 2017

review: the truth beneath the lies by amanda searcy

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Kayla's life is going to an out-of-district high school (based on her former foster mom's address), working at a grocery store, and hoping her mom stays sober even though they live across the hall from the man who got her hooked on drugs. Then Jordan comes into the store and changes Kayla's life.

In another part of the country, Betsy is living a life of secrets. She claims to be from North Dakota, but some of her new friends are suspicious of her story. They have good reason, but Betsy's suspicious of some of them too--are they working for the man who's after her?

Initially it's unclear how Kayla and Betsy's worlds will come together, but the pieces eventually fall into place. As it all comes together, the plot gets a bit far-fetched. The story of Kayla and Betsy is intriguing, but the quick wrap-up doesn't give the conspiracy the treatment it deserves. The Kayla chapters needed to reveal the seediness of what Kayla was drawn into sooner and spend more time on the aftermath in order to make it clear just how high the stakes really were.
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