Thursday, July 28, 2016

review: the last good girl by allison leotta

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Having gone home to Michigan to help her sister in A Good Killing, prosecutor Anna Curtis is still on leave from her job in Washington, D.C. when the daughter of the local university’s president disappears. The boy she was last seen with is the son of Michigan’s lieutenant governor, so it is a highly political situation that really needs to be investigated by outsiders which is how Anna gets involved.

In a new novel that clearly draws on the reality of the college campus rape epidemic, Allison Leotta again shows her expertise at handling sensitive subject matter in an authentic manner. From the random fraternity brothers at the house when Anna and her team show up to investigate to the missing girl’s heartbreaking video diaries, the characters come to life via Leotta’s excellent writing. Leotta also successfully keeps up the mystery of what exactly happened the night Emily disappeared so that the ending is truly shocking.
I purchased this book.

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