Friday, July 8, 2016

review: you will know me by megan abbott

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Devon is a dedicated teenage gymnast whose parents are highly involved in making her a star. They fundraise and put all of their energy into getting her ready to try out for the next level in hopes of eventually making it to the Olympics. But then a crushing blow is dealt when the boyfriend of one of the coaches (who is also the niece of the gym’s owner) is killed in a hit and run.

You Will Know Me had its moments, but there were also odd notes. Devon’s younger brother popped in to make strange, sometimes prophetic statements while his parents mostly ignored him. Also, Devon’s father never felt fleshed out which was weird given his important role. The plot jumped around between the importance of gymnastics and the crime making it feel uneven at times. Megan Abbott created some red herrings by Devon’s parents failure to communicate with each other, but the outcome was fairly easy to predict.
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