Wednesday, July 20, 2016

review: remember me this way by sabine durrant

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Really all one needs to know about Sabine Durrant’s Remember Me this Way is this: A milquetoast woman marries an abusive, pathological liar. Although Durrant sets up a mystery in the opening chapters—who left the flowers at the site of Zach’s fatal car accident and did he fake his own death—the novel drags on for so long that the answers (and the identity of the person who left the flowers is easily guessed) no longer seem to matter. The only parts of real interest were the excerpts from Zach’s diary as they reveal just how little Lizzie knew about her husband and how twisted (one reveal is particularly disgusting) he actually was. The diary chapters also allowed Durrant to create the impression that Zach could still be alive and watching Lizzie as she suspected and feared.

About the audiobook: Having Daniel Weyman and Penelope Rawlins read Remember Me this Way made it far less excruciating to get through. Rawlins especially nails the voices; her interpretations of a privileged teenager and her disconnected mother were spot on. The audiobook version runs just under 12 and a half hours and was released February 2016 by Dreamscape Audio.
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