Wednesday, August 3, 2016

review: river road by carol goodman

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Ever since her daughter was killed on River Road, creative writing professor Nan Lewis has been in a grief- and alcohol-induced fog. On the night Nan learns she was denied tenure, she drunkenly hits a deer in the same spot her daughter was killed. She makes it home, but the cops are at her door in the morning asking about one of her students who was found dead after a hit-and-run in that same spot. Nan is positive she wasn’t so drunk that she would mistake a woman for a deer, but many in the community doubt her story. As she seeks to clear her name, Nan discovers the deceased student was involved in some things that just might have led to her death. The mystery life of Leia and other students at the university adds to the suspense as new suspects pop up. It’s difficult to say much without spoiling some of the reveals, but Carol Goodman inserts a number of plausible red herrings that keep the reader guessing.
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