Thursday, July 9, 2015

review: a good killing by allison leotta

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Until the release of A Good Killing, Anna Curtis has been that friend you meet as an adult and know who she is now, but not really how she got there. With the fourth in the series finding Anna back in her hometown, more of her past is revealed. After ending her engagement in Speak of the Devil, Anna has no hesitation about dropping everything when she learns her sister is wanted for questioning in the death of the beloved high school football coach. Anna immediately signs on as her sister’s defense attorney. The reversal of Anna’s role, the focus on her family life, and the introduction of a new love interest provide a refreshing jolt for the series while staying true to everything that’s been established about Anna previously.

As usual, Allison Leotta tackles some tough subject matter here, but does so with the respect one would expect from someone who herself worked as a sex-crimes prosecutor. Most importantly, A Good Killing addresses the massive backlog of untested rape kits and how that allows predators to continue getting away with their crimes. To learn more, visit .
I purchased this book.

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