Friday, July 31, 2015

review: one step too far by tina seskis

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One day Emily walks out on her life. Conveniently she’s always gone by her middle name and has used her husband’s last name since marrying, but her passport is under her legal birth name. This makes it far easier for her to get on a train and start over. The family drama makes for an interesting read, but One Step Too Far presents that there is a big mystery surrounding the why of Emily’s departure. This is where the novel fails. Tina Seskis does well at rotating the perspective of the chapters to keep up the mystery, but the reveal was a huge disappointment that was fairly easily guessed (which made me dismiss it as the big mystery since it seemed there should be something more). The actual writing was engaging and compelling enough to keep the pages turning, but One Step Too Far didn’t pay off in the end.
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