Wednesday, July 1, 2015

review: it's you by jane porter

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After her fiancé killed himself last year, Ali’s mother passed as well causing Ali to start merely existing rather than truly living. She wishes her father would leave Napa to live near her, but he refuses, so when he hurts himself, Ali heads to Napa to help. In this touching and thought-provoking story, Ali meets an array of people, including some from Jane Porter’s previous novels. Most significantly she meets Craig Hallahan and his great-aunt Edie, who lives at Ali’s father’s retirement home. While a romance begins to spark between Ali and Craig, Ali finds Edie somewhat difficult until she learns more of Edie’s story. It’s You shifts perspective a few times so that Edie’s story comes out too. She’s an American who studied in Germany during World War II and married a man who was publicly a Nazi, but privately taking part in the German Resistance. The incorporation of this storyline gives It’s You a different feeling than Porter’s usual women’s fiction novels, but the heart of her writing still shines through.
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