Saturday, July 4, 2015

review: feral by holly schindler

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After exposing a drug ring at her high school, Claire was brutally beaten. She’s haunted by nightmares of the attack, so she readily agrees when her professor father proposes spending a semester in another state. As soon as they arrive though, Claire learns a girl who would’ve been her classmate is missing. As it turns out Claire and the missing girl have a common interest in journalism, which causes Claire to be interested in Serena’s life. When Claire discovers Serena’s body in the woods, she is compelled even more to investigate what happened despite the inept sheriff saying it was an accident.

If that was all there was to Feral, it would likely be a fantastic mystery with a spunky teenage protagonist à la Veronica Mars. Holly Schindler instead chooses to make a supernatural turn that is a bit unclear. Is Serena really inhabiting the body of a feral cat or was discovering Serena’s body one trauma too many for Claire? And if Serena really is inside the cat, why would she target Claire? The supernatural elements confused the plot and created too many loose ends.
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