Thursday, July 2, 2015

review: love you to death by shannon k. butcher

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When she doesn’t hear from her sister, Elise knows something’s wrong because they spoke regularly despite Elise’s job constantly taking her out of the country. Elise immediately catches a flight and finds Ashley’s house is deserted. While Elise checks out the house, Ashley’s handsome neighbor who just happens to be a former cop notices the unusual activity. With both Elise and Trent believing the other to be an intruder, their meeting is dramatic and kicks off their antagonist relationship. But the two have the same goal—saving Ashley from a serial killer—and that goal brings them together on multiple levels.

Love You to Death is drama-filled with an appropriate balance of romance (Elise and Trent may find each other attractive, but they’re not going to let their lust make them forget Ashley) to the suspense. There are some disturbing scenes involving the killer that seemed a bit unnecessary as the killer’s motivation was never completely explained other than to say it had to do with his deceased wife. Love You to Death could’ve been stronger had Shannon K. Butcher focused on Elise and Trent since she decided not to reveal much about the killer despite including scenes with him.
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