Wednesday, March 4, 2015

review: new uses for old boyfriends by beth kendrick

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Beth Kendrick visits Black Dog Bay again in her latest novel, New Uses for Old Boyfriends. This novel centers around a new main character, but of course touches on familiar favorites from previous Black Dog Bay books. This time around a Black Dog Bay resident is returning after being gone for many years. Recently divorced Lila is surprised by the changes in her hometown, but the amount of money her mother has wasted since the death of Lila's father is more shocking. As Lila attempts to get both their lives on track, she strikes up new relationships with two men she knew in high school even though she doesn't remember her date with one of them!

Although the title would have you believe this is all about the men in Lila's life, Kendrick makes it more about two newly single women taking charge of their lives. Unfortunately for Lila, she's a bit hapless at it though her missteps provide plenty of comic relief. It's also amusing how everyone wants to talk about Lila's TV career despite it being the last thing she wants to discuss (from experience I can tell you that most people react exactly as the characters in this book when they find out you work in TV). Lila isn't as strong as my favorite Kendrick character (that would be Summer), but she's a great addition to Black Dog Bay.
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