Thursday, March 12, 2015

review: until you're mine by samantha hayes

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Samantha Hayes starts a new series with a creepily tense novel about a serial killer targeting pregnant women. The motive is initially unclear, but unfolds at a wonderful pace as a husband and wife detective team (who the series will center around) investigate. To keep up the mystery while also allowing insights from the main characters, Hayes rotates the perspective with each chapter. First up is Claudia, a social worker, who finally seems to be having a successful pregnancy. Then there's the woman Claudia and her husband have hired as a nanny. Those two perspectives are in the first person, but the third, which comes from the female detective is in third person. That switch was a little jarring initially, but eventually worked out.

In terms of plot, Until You're Mine is a fantastic mystery with some interesting twists (though I did guess most of the outcome). Claudia becomes increasingly suspicious of the new nanny, who reveals herself to be up to something in her own chapters. But just what is her motive for taking the nanny job? Her thoughts and actions are vague enough that it's impossible to tell if she's the killer Detective Lorraine Fisher is tracking. The chapters concerning Lorraine's personal life seemed a little out of place, but made sense once I discovered Lorraine and her husband are the central characters of the new series.
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