Friday, March 20, 2015

review: what you left behind by samantha hayes

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The second in Samantha Hayes’s detective series really focuses on Detective Inspector Lorraine Fisher and her family. Although Hayes doesn’t specify, What You Left Behind seems to take place about a year after Until You’re Mine. There is little mention of the family troubles Lorraine experienced in the first book which left me to wonder what had happened, especially since she is vacationing with only her younger daughter. Unfortunately for Lorraine, her much needed time off turns out to be not much of a vacation. There’s been a rash of teen suicides in her hometown and it seems her nephew might be vulnerable as well. Lorraine’s sister (who is quite at odds with Lorraine) and brother-in-law have split and Freddie is having a hard time with it. But there’s more to it than that. Someone is sending Freddie terrible messages urging him to kill himself. When an autistic man shows Lorraine pictures he drew of the “suicides,” Lorraine can’t help but start an investigation and in the process learn what’s really going on with her nephew.

All through What You Left Behind, I wondered who was tormenting Freddie. The answer made little sense. With the pacing slow and little character development, What You Left Behind needed an amazing revelation at the end which Hayes failed to deliver.
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