Tuesday, March 24, 2015

review: cold betrayal by j.a. jance

Picking up a few months after the last book in the Ali Reynolds series, Cold Betrayal finds Ali involved in two different cases. Her daughter-in-law asks Ali to help out with her grandma’s security after the police in Minnesota dismiss a reported break-in as an old woman being forgetful. This case proved to be very interesting, but was secondary to that of a pregnant teenager who runs away from a polygamist cult. In discussing the polygamist cult, J.A. Jance explores some of the political issues and history surrounding them in Arizona; while this information is important for the uninformed, it also bogged down the action of the story. What happened at Short Creek was discussed numerous times, when it would’ve been more interesting to get to the raid. With so much time spent on polygamy, the elder abuse storyline kept being pushed to the side when it had the potential to be front-burner if Ali had traveled to Minnesota to check things out for herself.
Review copy provided by the publisher, Touchstone.

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