Tuesday, September 30, 2014

review: a blind spot for boys by justina chen

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After a bad breakup with an older guy, Shana is not interested in starting a new relationship, especially with someone about to start college. She goes as far as to block the emails of Quattro, who she met while photographing Seattle's gum wall. But fate intervenes. Quattro is going on a trip with his father to Machu Picchu. It's a trip that Shana's parents also decide to take upon the devastating news that Shana's dad is going blind. Despite being in different tour groups, Shana and Quattro are thrown together when a mudslide takes out much of the trail.

A Blind Spot for Boys is beautifully written with great descriptions and plenty of highly emotional moments, but it's also predictable. Too frequently Justina Chen falls back on clichéd responses--Shana's dad isolates himself from the family, a minor character who is a wealthy jerk saves only himself, and Quattro runs hot and cold with Shana. But Chen also excels at creating family and friend dynamics, so that even the clichés seem reasonable.
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