Tuesday, September 16, 2014

review: one hundred names by cecelia ahern

Kitty’s career in journalism is failing after she did a story accusing a man of having an affair with an underage student. Making matters worse is that the one person who keeps her working is dying. The dying woman gives Kitty a list of 100 names, but no explanation other than Kitty should do a story. Kitty is determined to do just that. As Kitty tracks down the names, she also experiences a lot of strife in her personal life stemming from the defamatory story she did. Yet Kitty is not sympathetic. She thinks only of herself—not her dead friend or the people her story hurt. Although Cecelia Ahern creates an interesting story and a great journey for Kitty, it is not the story or journey that Kitty probably should have made. In the end, Kitty experiences little growth even as she triumphs.
Review copy from Amazon Vine.

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